RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program - Boone & Greene Counties
RSVP relies on the desire of those 55 and older
to be of service to others.
RSVP recruits individuals age 55 and older to meet
community needs through volunteerism.
>RSVP has no restrictions based on education, income, experience, ethnic background or creed.
>Volunteers are given the opportunity to make new friends, volunteer on their schedule, choose assignments that coincide with their special interests, and a chance to make a difference in their community.
>Volunteering allows you to use your experience, skills and wisdom to help your neighbors and those in need.
You Benefit as a RSVP volunteer
  • Free volunteer placement.
  • The opportunity to utilize your experience and skills.
  • The chance to learn something new every day.
  • Supplemental accident and liability insurance.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference.
Community Benefits
  • Volunteers assist in the building or promotion of needed resources for programs, non-profit agencies and organizations, health, education, and governmental entities.
  • RSVP provides a volunteer infrastructure some of our partners otherwise may not have and enhances the volunteer infrastructure of other partnering entities.
  • Volunteer service has a documented value.
Benefits for Those Served
  • Volunteers share their energy, skills and expertise to meet needs of others.
  • Volunteers help improve quality of life through direct service to individuals or through partnering agencies.
  • Because of citizen concerns RSVP began the RSVP Caregiver Respite Program in Boone County and GAP (Grocery-Shopping Assistance Program) in Greene County.
  • RSVP is home to the Boone County Small Medical Loan Closet which is a free service to persons of short term recovery.
In order to continue our efforts, we are always searching for the time, services, and talents of volunteers. See how you can make a person at a time.
Get involved & join RSVP!
Contact us:
Boone Co. 515-433-7836
Greene Co. From Jefferson land line 370-1099
All other 515-370-1099
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