RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program - Boone & Greene Counties
RSVP Adult Caregiver Respite Program
(Serving Boone County)
  Are You a
Full Time Caregiver
in Need of Free Time?
If you are a fulltime caregiver
of an adult 25 years and older
in your home,
we encourage you to
ask, seek, and accept
time off from your
care giving responsibilities.
Taking time to care for yourself
is a necessity to care for
your loved one.
Free respite services are
just a phone call away.
RSVP can help give you two to four hours a week or month
of time to yourself.
Rest, relax, read, exercise, go out for lunch, and more.
A trained and screened respite volunteer will form a friendship with your loved one so you can rekindle social activities with your friends or do what
you want to do.
“It gave me the opportunity to get away and not worry about her well being because she was well taken care of.
Like a short vacation” .
“I feel it is good for my husband to have time to visit with the people who come. He doesn’t get out to be with people so this is a great way for him to do that.”
"A respite volunteer helps two people; the caregiver can regain their strength to keep on caring and their loved
one gets their care from a restored caregiver."
--Lucinda Biladeau
Respite Volunteer
RSVP volunteers are men and woman age 55 and older.
Caregiver Respite Volunteers help fulltime caregivers of adults age 25 years or older, who need time off!
Volunteers help make a difference in the life of the caregiver and enrich their
own life with:
  • Rewarding moments of service
  • Neighborly outreach
  • Special friendships with caregivers, care recipients, and other volunteers
You Can
Make a Difference
Become a
Respite Volunteer
Contact us:
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