RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program - Boone & Greene Counties
(Grocery-shopping Assistance Program
serving Greene County)
RSVP responded to a
community need.
GAP was started in 2009 because there was only one grocery store in Greene County to accommodate the area and surrounding communities.
Individuals eligible for GAP in communities outside of Jefferson may have a harder time with their grocery shopping.
The purpose of GAP is to help clients maintain their independence and remain in their homes by performing a function necessary for independent living. Client participation may be short term (due to illness or recuperation) or long term.
In addition to maintaining their independence, RSVP would like to help potential GAP clients do fun things with family and friends instead of spending their time together grocery shopping.
Would you like to volunteer
and help others
maintain their Independence?
As a GAP volunteer,
you will:
Help homebound, disabled or town bound individuals in your community live
independently. Grocery shop for individuals so they can have fresh produce, dairy products and other needed items. Develop lasting friendships. GAP exists because of the dedication and service of our GAP volunteers.
"I am glad I am able to help others when they need assistance.  I receive something also because it brightens my day when I see Jim's smile as he greets me at his door."  Rita Schmidt
What Is GAP?
GAP is a free service available to persons 60 years of age and older with any income residing in Greene County who are unable to do their own grocery shopping due to:
  • Living in a rural community and not being able to drive out of town or because of no transportation
  • Being homebound as a caregiver
  • Ill-health
  • Frailty
  • Not having anyone available to shop for them
  • Being disabled
  • Temporary illness or recuperation
  • Additional individuals in Greene County eligible for GAP are those who have difficulty getting their groceries from the store to the kitchen.
How GAP works
  • RSVP matches screened grocery shopping volunteers to approved homes.
  • The client sends RSVP a check payable to Fareway to purchase a grocery card for the amount they are wanting to spend.
  • RSVP Coordinator takes grocery orders by mail and phone.
  • An RSVP volunteer will shop with the Fareway card and will deliver the groceries (with receipt) to the clients home.
"The GAP service is fantastic. I really appreciate the coordinator and the shoppers, they are wonderful; they are friendly and respectful. The program works great; it allows me to have everything I need from the grocery store since I can’t drive there myself.  I sincerely hope that this program continues.  I am a very satisfied client."  Jim Ryan
GAP is not a convenience, but a free service for individuals trying to maintain their independence.
Potential clients should contact Jackie Souder, GAP Coordinator, to schedule a home visit and to complete an application.
Interested volunteers contact Jackie to enroll.
From Jefferson land line 370-1099
All others 515-370-1099 
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