RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program - Boone & Greene Counties
Here is what's been said...
  • "An Early Learning student is a real success story.  He is a three year old in a five year old body.  He came to the Early Learning Center barely able to talk much let alone recognize letters or pictures.  Over the three years working with teacher and the volunteer he has blossomed.  He talks, loves books and progressed so fast that he is ready for kindergarten when he should be.  When he came to us we really were not sure he would move into kindergarten on time.  We are very proud of him and we’ve learned from his joy of life and learning,"  Elementary Principal.
  • "I want to write you a quick note and tell you how much I love the RSVP Volunteer Program! I had Ellen come to my classroom for an hour a week.  She loves the kids and the kids love her.  She helped me with the ones who are struggling with their words and reading or with math skills. I feel like Ellen was instrumental in the growth of one of my students last year who was a whole grade level hehind the rest. Ellen made the students feel good about themselves and proud of their accomplishments.  What more could you want?" Leslie, 1st Grade teacher.
  • RSVP Adult Caregiver Respite Program Coordinator (Sue) contacted a past caregiver about signing up with RSVP as a volunteer.  “To my surprise," she said, “I was just reminiscing.  The respite was great to have and having the yard work done was really 7th Heaven.  I remember Harvey looking out the window after the yard care volunteers had helped and how much Harvey and I enjoyed looking out at it.  Harvey used to do all the yard work and he wanted to go do it so it was a relief when the volunteers did it.  I still remember how good it was.”  JoAnn did sign up as a volunteer and has recruited a friend to volunteer with her.
  • RSVP, Greene County middle school youth and retired teacher partner on a Make a Difference Day Lots of Socks project to collect and provide to schools socks.  Students arrive during cold weather without socks, socks with holes or do not fit, and no or ill fitting boots. "The kids are exited to do something that will help younger students.  A lot of kids don't even think about having socks when the weather gets cold, but everyone knows how uncomfortable cold feet are." Jim North, Webb House Coordinator and retired teacher. "Your gift of socks was greatly appreciated.  The students frequently need a change especially during the winter and spring time.  There are also student who will be given socks to take home.  Thanks again." East Greene School Nurse.
  • Greene County wife/husband team volunteer mentors. "Our experience with mentoring was very gratifying.  Was it a good match or were we just lucky?  The child we mentored grew and matured in two and a half years. Together we shared many activities. We saw a young boy calm down through playing games, converse intelligently on numerous subjects, often National news, develop a real sense of humor, offer to help whether it was outside or fixing a meal, manners that improved and he expressed enthusiasm in weekly visits whether it was with a new experience or challenging him to a favorite game. Our hope is that he retains the values we taught by simply being ourselves. All in all we feel that we derived as much from the mentoring relationship as he did."
  • "Allows me to help people who really need the help and to those who truly appreciate the help given to them," volunteer Mildred Sigmund.
  • "Caregivers are under a tremendous amount of stress.  Anything we can do to give them a break is essential," respite volunteer Ruth.
  • "A needed service that provides personal reward or satisfaction to the volunteer too," volunteer Kathy.
  • "The gift of time is so valuable," volunteer Patti.
  • You help others and you gain for yourself.” Volunteer Richard
Contact us...
Boone Co. 515-433-7836
Greene Co. From Jefferson land line 370-1099
All other 515-370-1099
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