RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program - Boone & Greene Counties
 Adult Caregiver Respite Program
A project of RSVP in Boone County 

What is RSVP Respite?

  • RSVP Respite is a free service that provides the gift of time, rest and relief to a full-time caregiver of an adult family member of friend age 25 and older who cannot be left alone.

  • Short-term relief is provided for up to 4 hours a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  • Taking time to care for one self is a necessity to care for a loved one.

  • Respite volunteers offer quality companion ship to care recipients: no personal care involved.

  • Volunteers give fulltime caregivers a much needed break for rest, renewal, and opportunities to leave the house without worry.

  • Volunteers, caregivers, and care recipients build special friendships.

  • All volunteers are background checked.

“I feel it is good for my husband to have time to visit with
the people who come. He doesn’t get out to be with
people so this is a great way for him to do that.”

"A respite volunteer helps two people; the caregiver can regain their strength to keep on caring and their loved one gets their care from a restored caregiver."
--L. B., Respite Volunteer

Make a person at a time!

Contact RSVP for more information, how to sign up
as a participant, or to volunteer.
Michele Hull, Director
Boone County Coordinator

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