RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program - Boone & Greene Counties

In-Home Visitation Program
A project of RSVP in Boone and Greene County

What is In-Home Visitation?

  • In-Home Visitation is a free service that provides friendship and companionship for older adults and disabled adults who are socially isolated, who may be lonely or just want good conversation.

  • Reassurance for out of home and out of town caregivers of parents, older or disabled adult family members or friends.

  • Continued social connection to older or disabled adults temporarily confined to home due to health reasons.

  • Volunteers are a link to the community by providing up to 4 hours weekly or bi-weekly visits.

  • In-home volunteers brighten someone's day by bringing some friendship and fun into their life.

  • Volunteers increase social connectedness.

  • All volunteers are background checked.

“Elaine is therapy for me. I really enjoy visiting with her.
I asked her if it was okay to stay for longer visits.”
— Darlene, In-home Volunteer

Make a person at a time!

Contact RSVP for more information, how to sign up
as a participant, or to volunteer. 

Michele Hull, Director
Boone County Coordinator
Greene County Coordinator
515-370-1099 (local cell)

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