RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program - Boone & Greene Counties

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Adult caregiver respite(Boone County)
  • Peer assistance (Boone & Greene County)
  • Computer(data entry) (Boone County)
  • Social media-facebook and or twitter
  • SHARE Food Program(Boone County)
  • Pillowcase Project-youth emergency preparedness
             (Boone & Greene County)
  • GAP(Grocery Assistance-shopping Program) (Greene County)
  • In-Home Visitation to socially isolated elderly (Boone & Greene County)
  • Elementary literacy (Boone & Greene County)
  • Pen Pal Program (Boone County)
  • Food pantries (Boone County)
  • Outreach support by phone (Boone & Greene County)
  • Hospice
  • County tourism (Boone County)
  • Mentor (Boone & Greene County)
  • Volunteer leaders (Boone & Greene County)
  • Lots of Socks Coordinator (Greene County)
  • Food Drive coordinator (Boone & Greene County)
  • More opportunites available

Contact RSVP to schedule a "Matter of Balance" Falls Prevention Class or nutrition talks for older adults.

 Make a person at a time!

For information on above or other opportunities contact: 
Michele Hull, Director
Boone County Coordinator
Greene County Coordinator
515-370-1099 (local cell)

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